At Automaze, we do not believe in driving vehicles that will not stop when brakes are applied.  You do not have to wait until your brakes starts grinding. Your brakes may be showing symptoms that can only be identified by our professional technicians, and catching these symptoms early is what will help prevent future brake failures or the difference between living and its opposite. At Automaze, we don’t just replace parts for the sake of replacing them…we ensure that we only perform necessary repairs.  This honesty is our policy.

We take the issue of brakes and all the related parts very seriously by ensuring we provide not the cheapest out there but the best at affordable prices.  The markets is proud of several “after markets” brakes which apart from draining the pockets due to frequent changing and the damages to brake disc, it also puts life in danger.

With your yearly brake inspection, we will be able to give you an estimate of how much longer your brakes will be good, to allow you to plan accordingly for future repairs. Planning for future repairs is just part of our philosophy at Automaze


Ensure your Brakes in our Hands  !!!!!!!!!