It is complete fallacy to say that check “engine light” or “service engine soon” lights matters not.  Many believe it plays no role as long as the vehicle is still moving. The so called “mechanics” apart from misleading their uninformed clients also go as far as disconnecting the illumination on the instrument cluster thereby forcing the “check engine” or “service engine soon” lights to go off.  The underlying problems however remains and also gets worse.  This is why sometimes vehicles just stop and owners wonder why.

So, when your Check Engine Light comes on, it could be an indicator of many different possible problems and sometimes it might just need re-setting.  Because of the numerous reasons for a Check Engine Light to come on, it is extremely important that you bring your vehicle to an automotive repair facility that you can trust. Automaze can provide you with full, cutting edge, state of the art computer diagnostic equipment, to determine the cause of the check engine light, and get you back on the road in no time!

Our Highly qualified Auto Technicians are ready to diagnose your vehicle today, to determine if your fuel system, electrical system or exhaust system are causing the problems that you are experiencing.

Unlike many facilities, our technicians don’t employ the guess and check method. We carefully assess the situation, run all computer codes and then individually test the sensors and circuits to ensure that the problem is found and repaired the first time.


Let us take care of those Disco lights on your cluster !!!!!!!!