At Automaze, we have a portfolio of information and experience to share with you as you make a choice of workshop for your fleet maintenance and management be it private, government or non governmental organisations NGO. We provide industry’s best standards characterised by quality at very reasonable cost.‎ Our fleet maintenance and management services covers all range of vehicles of different brands and models from small cars and pick-ups to light trucks and from Japanese to European and American brands.

‎Automaze is aware of the importance of feet in your business. We believe your fleet is the cornerstone of your business which is why we place so much attention to same. The efficiency of your fleet is guaranteed by our qualified and certified personnel with several years of experience in the industry. Our policy of “performance based contract” allows you independence of flexibility which means your fleet maintenance and management is dictated and driven by you as opposed to a rigid, inflexible contract. Some of our customers include LM Ericsson, Golden Penny, Niger Delta Power Holdings, Greensprings Schools, Vicsum Schools, GT Bank, Diamond Bank, Sovereign Trust Insurance to mention but a few.

Automaze believes that reliable and efficient public service is driven by a functioning and efficient fleet alongside skill personnel. At automaze, we recognise that an inefficient fleet is tantamount to good output hence our priority to making your fleet functional at affordable cost.
It is our promise to deliver on time especially for the law enforcement outfit like the police and other government departments like the fire service, hospitals, inland revenue, Industrial Training Fund ITF and a host of others. Our utmost priority is to keep your fleet moving 24/7 – and that’s our promise to you!