In the past couple of years, buying a new car was the in vogue for a lot of corporate firms despite having “cost saving” as their main goal and objective.  They believe  by buying brand new vehicles, they will be saving  a lot of money on repairs and routine maintenance.

We at Automaze Nationwide Limited believe the contrary.  Some of these firms have failed to realize they are not really saving money on routine maintenance because old or new vehicles must be maintained and secondly, they fail to realize it doesn’t take long before the fancy shiny cars starts to fail or depreciate due to bad driving habits and the poor condition of our roads and most importantly, a brand new vehicle loses about 13% per cent of its second hand value once registered.

Owing to this fact, we have designed a product called “Automaze Super Saver”.  This product basically means we supply, maintain and warranty a low mileage, (usually between 10,000 and 30,000 miles) manufacturer certified pre- owned  2 year olds vehicles (or the same year as new ones), mainly Toyota and Honda.

The rationale is that a typical company vehicle will accumulate around 20.000 miles within the first 3  to 5  months, so the question is:  is it really worth paying =N=1000,000.00 for driving a car for 3 to 5 months? because that is the minimum you will be saving per unit on this product?

You really have nothing to lose but you stand to gain the following:


  • The usual 1 year  manufacturer’s warranty for brand new vehicle
  • Our foreign partners ensure we get the “value for money” by giving us the best in their stock
  • You get 100% accident free vehicles – verifiable through carfax
  • Minimum savings of =N=1,000,000.00 per unit on each purchase
  • Free registration upon clearing usually costing =N=40,000.00
  • 2 free lubrication services  per unit ( usually =N=30,000.00)
  • You will be saving a total average of =N=1,100,000.00 per unit
  • Automaze Nationwide will be the sole workshop for the vehicles maintenance
  • Free diagnostic scanning on every vehicle throughout the life span of the vehicle as far as maintenance agreement is valid (usually cost =N=10,000.00 per scan)


With the above, a cost saving, conscious management will appreciate the worth of our certified pre owned cars. “Old is gold” like they say and that is why at Automaze Nationwide we take pride  in maintaining and importing manufacturer’s  certified pre owned cars.

Try us and you shall save your company millions of Naira !!!!!!