Zero and semi skilled oil change facilities have popped up all over the country especially in some filling stations and by some road side mechanic outfits who have no clue about the job.

All vehicles come with manufacturer’s recommended engine, transmission and brake oils. These so called “mechanics” simply buys you a canister of engine oil or other lubricants and pours them in your engine or where ever required without a comprehensive knowledge of the recommended type (the say all engine oils are same). Some vehicles require semi-synthetic while some are recommended full synthetic. There is also 20w50 and the rest in that class which are just mineral oil.

This is sometime the reason why quite a lot of people have persistent problems with their engines.  Some mechanics go as far as buying adulterated oil in the name of giving customers a “good deal” thereby causing sludge in the engine. The remedy to this after a long time is engine replacement which is of course not price friendly.

Oil filter is another area where Automaze lays a lot of emphasis. There are two types of oil filters commonly in use. The first is a metal, one-piece canister filter that is removed and installed as one piece. The second is a canister that uses a removable filter element. In the latter, the filter snaps into a cap that is screwed into the oil-filter housing.

A good filter coupled with a very good engine oil can help extend service intervals on your vehicle by keeping the motor oil cleaner for a longer period of time. We take this very seriously in Automaze because we don’t cut corners. It is a possibility you will get an air filter for as low as =N=600 but the trouble is if an oil filter gets clogged, it will stop filtering oil altogether, forcing dirty oil to bypass the filter and be recirculated through the engine. In order to avoid this, change your engine oil and filter at the service intervals recommended by your manufacturer.

At Automaze, our Auto Technicians provide a vehicle inspection while they are changing the oil. This is way beyond just a simple drain and fill. Our technicians have been able to catch many potential problems, before they occur. This way you know what to expect from your vehicle. Trust Automaze for all of your preventative maintenance, including oil changes.